Writing troubles

December 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Its always hard for me to think of things to come up with so I’m just gonna start writing whatever pops into my head here.  I don’t know why I have this issue but it has always been this way for me.  Even when I do find a topic its still hard for me to write.  I also don’t like having topics given to me and have to write on something specific, but if I don’t have that then I have trouble coming up with something myself.  The real reason for all of this is for reasons that I cannot truly answer I just don’t like to write.  I guess if I were to practice at it more I would get better, but I just have a strong dislike for writing.

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Workshop project 4

November 4, 2009 5 comments

Alright, So Jason and I are in the same group and are both being work shopped on the same day so basically we would be presenting the same information to you twice. So what we decided to do is put the information/research on Jason’s blog to get feedback from all of you, and then we are going to pass out a little survey to everyone to fill out class. This way you don’t have to see the same information twice, and we can get you all involved in our project. Below is just a little plan of action that we’ve made more specific from our original. It’s not that important but it’s just an idea of what we’re doing.


Our topic is access issues and how technology can affect the classroom experience.


  • Information and Statistics

Computers per student /teacher

Internet access

Computer Access



  • How technology is used

Research Purposes

Changing Course Content


  • School Feedback

We plan to email/call high schools across the state to get their statistics, as well as their opinion on their technology use in the classroom.


  • Student Feedback

A survey is to be passed out to the class in order to get a better outlook on technology in each student’s specific high school, as well as the student’s opinion.

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Tech is cool

October 15, 2009 Leave a comment

I was just thinking how far technology has come along. It’s amazing to think that I am writing this up from my iPhone and when I push the publish button, it will be almost instantly uploaded to the Internet for anyone to see anywhere in the world, except where governments might censor Internet usage. Most of my fellow classmates I feel are luckier than I was growing up. Most of them grew up with computers whereas I didn’t own a computer until after I graduated high school. My only contact before that came at school or the public library. The library was great because it had this great new technology called the world wide web. I remember being so amazed that I could go on a computer and chat with people from all over the world. I had recently moved to Illinois from Pennaylvania and remember that I could only call him about once a month. This was because phone carriers charged extra for long distance. Also cell phones were still giant bricks with a giant price tag. Now because of this new technology I could send electronic mail to him or if we were both online at the same time we could use an instant messenger. Now most everyone has at least one computer and high speed Internet. Also cell phones are everywhere and they keep doing more and more. I remember when having a camera on a phone was the new cool thing. Now most phones have the Internet and are some like my iPhone are almos like little computers with their own applications and full keyboards. The speed of the networks are fast enough that I can even watch streaming video on my phone. I’ve said it a lot already but it’s simply amazing. I can’t wait to see what it will be like in another 10-15 years. I know it sounds crazy but maybe by then I will be able to type by just thinking what I want to write. I know that sounds like science fiction but growing I never thought there would be cell phones or the Internet. That type of communication was only in fantasy. Another possibility that is more realistic is better control of technology with your voice. There are devices that are voice controlled now but it is very limited. For example I can make calls or control my music on my phone. Also I rented a Mercedes when I was stationed in Germany. That car would take voice commands for the GPS and also make voice calls if a phone was paired to it via Bluetooth. There are also programs that will let you speak to type. The thing is is that those programs are either limited to what commands you can input or in he case of typing take time to train it and the performance is still not that great. What I see happening is better control coming that will let you for example say open Microsoft word and it will do it with no problems and then you start saying what you want to type and it just works. I also see media going more solely online. This is very close already. The problem now is that businesses are resisting the change because they are worried about their bottom line and don’t want to take risks in untested markets. The big corporations are starting to do it in TV shows with Hulu. I think that is the way they should go for now. It’s almost the same thing as cable where you watch a show and they place commercials like you get with regular TV. What they are afraid of is people who find ways around the commercials. On computers it gets easier than on a closed system like a cable box. Right now the broadcast tv makes all it’s money on advertising and the advertisers don’t want to take risks with the new mediums either because they are untested and like sticking with what already works. Well I think that’s enough for now. My thumbs are getting tired too. If only I could talk to my phone and have it type for me.

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Obama = Peace??

October 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Press release on Obama winning peace prize.
I know I’m a little late in posting about this, but I thought I would weigh in with my thoughts.  Now I don’t follow international politics too much, but I’m not sure if I agree with Obama winning.  I know that he has done some speeches internationally to help rebuild the worn ties between the US and other countries.  These speeches though so far haven’t really done so much to actually make changes, but have been more akin to announcements about what he wants to do.  I think the President might be able to achieve these goals, but right now that’s all that they are.  It feels like this prize was given for the possibility that he will be a major contribution to peace and not for anything that he has done yet.  I could probably go on Google right now and find hundreds or thousands of other people with blogs or other media talking about the same things that Obama was given the prize for.  It’s only because of his position that his voice is heard louder than others.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not trying to downplay what Obama is trying to do.  I think he has a lot of great ideas that will lead to a more peaceful planet.  But the keyword here is “will” meaning that I don’t see that he has done too much so far.  I have faith that he will be able to accomplish these goals, and when that happens would be a better time to for him to receive the award.

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Project 3 thoughts

October 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Looking back now, project 3 was a good change of pace.  I like having to analyze the visual texts.  That is something I don’t remember doing too much in depth back at high school.  I think it will be helpful in the future for anytime I might have to come up with any sort of visual aids or other similar material.  I will now take closer look at how it all works together and make sure the elements are the best selected for the work at hand.  The only part of the project that felt a little out of place was the group part.  That part didn’t seem to fit in as much with the other parts.  I felt the main focus of the project was on visual texts and how we critically analyze them.  The movie part didn’t have anything to do with that and would’ve been better served to be the first or last part of the project.  I do see the point of doing the movie because of how it was tied into the book, but the other parts of the project were not tied to the book.

When I first went into this class, I stated that I don’t like working in groups and having others see my work.  Looking back now, it’s not so bad having others look over my work.  I see know how working in groups also helped everyone in the group get the project done.

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Watching Stand and Deliver

October 6, 2009 Leave a comment

I watched Stand and Deliver last Tuesday with the others in my group. After watching this movie I could see some things the teacher did that did that helped his students. I could tell from the movie that the teacher was truly motivated to to teach and it wasn’t just a paycheck for him. He was spending time outside of normal school hours to help his students be prepared for the AP test. He also didn’t talk down to the students, but also kept strict control over his class. He also used different ways of teaching like having visual aides with the apples or having the students repeat aloud the information as different ways for the students to learn besides just doing problems and hearing the teacher talk. The only thing I didn’t really agree with was the teacher having the students over to his house, but I would think it better if they have to meet like that outside of class that there could go to a public library.

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Project 1 so far

August 27, 2009 Leave a comment

What first got me interested in computers was back in 7th grade. I had a computer literacy class. This was my first real exposure to learning about different computer parts and being able to really use a computer. I never had a computer in my house while growing up. I also had a couple of computer classes in high school, but it wasn’t until after I was out of high school that I found out what I wanted to do.

The first computer that was in my house was a hand me down from my grandparents. The computer was good for doing word processing, but not much else. Not too long after that I was able to buy a computer of my own. It was a big step up from the first one. I used this second computer to start really seeing how windows and other software works. With software constantly evolving, I was wanting to upgrade Windows, which is a large task, but after finishing I started having thoughts about going to college for something to do with computers. I had never looked inside a computer before and decided that with the old obsolete machine I could open it up and not be disappointed if I broke something. Looking over the parts of the computer and seeing how everything was put together, this got me interested in building my own computer.

It was building my first computer that really got me interested with wanting to do some line of work with computers. Looking at the different types of computer degrees, it became clear that a degree with computer networking is the path that I would take. I chose this over programming or computer science because the people who do networking work with both the hardware and software which is what I wanted after having built that first computer.

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